CHICAGO (CBS) –There was a time when any viable Democratic candidate for President wanted the endorsement of Chicago’s mayor. Not Bernie Sanders.

At a downtown news conference Saturday, Sanders said Mayor Emanuel’s record in office is “disastrous,” and that he does not want the support of those who are indebted to Wall Street and what he called the “big money interests.”

He amplified on that theme under questioning by the Rev. Jesse Jackson during an appearance at the weekly Rainbow/PUSH meeting, saying, “Getting our priorities right means that you don’t reward the illegal behavior of Wall Street by closing schools and firing children’s (teachers).”

Sanders called on Hillary Clinton to disavow Emanuel’s support as well.

He called Donald Trump a “divider” who has alienated millions of Americans as well as world leaders, and said what Trump is doing is “incredibly dangerous on so many levels.”

Rev. Jackson did not endorse Sanders during the 45-minute interview. The two have known and admired each other for several decades, going back to Jackson’s campaigns for President in the 1980s. Jackson will conduct a similar interview with Clinton before Tuesday’s primary.

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