Dead Pigeons, Bird Body Parts, Droppings Stink Up Logan-Western Underpass

CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s a problem that really stinks.

Pigeon droppings, dead birds and bird body parts are some of the concerns North Side residents have about the underpass at Logan and Western Avenues, CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar finds in this Original Report.

“You got a wing there, you got a bird there,” Bryan Nichols of Advanced Maintenance and Pest Solutions says while pointing them out. “Dead birds, live birds. It looks like we even has some body parts of birds.”

The goldmine these pigeons are flocking to is the underpass at Logan and Western Avenues. But it’s a health risk to humans.

“If fecal matter gets airborne and people start to breathe that in, they can catch many diseases,” Nichols says.

And if you look up, flying rats are nestled in the rafters.

“There’s a lot of damage they can cause as well,” Nichols says.

Down below, detached wings, dead birds, droppings, several inches thick in some places.

“The easiest way to say it is ‘it’s disgusting,’” nearby resident Reva Minkoff says.

Not just an eye and nose sore for her and the neighborhood. She says it’s truly a health scare.

“From a sanitation standpoint, it’s not ok for something like this to be like this for years built up.”

Harry Yesilevich, who also lives nearby, says, “Don’t let the dog eat it.” His dog got sick from tasting the sidewalk sampler.

“Could cost quite a few dollars if he eats something that doesn’t agree with him,” he added.

“This is nature, you know what I mean? Things are going to happen, so I’m not going to fret about it. But it could be cleaner,” another nearby resident, Tyrie Chambliss says.

Minkoff adds, “It’s so obvious how nasty it is, that it sort of like why has it been this way for years and why has noone done anything about it for years?”

The Chicago Health Department said it’s looking into any complaints it has received about the underpass. Minkoff, meanwhile, says she’s reached out to her alderman in recent years, with not much success.

CBS 2 did the same and have not yet heard back.

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