CHICAGO (CBS) — Volo Auto Museum and Sparrow Express Transport auctioned off a B4C Police Camero on eBay to raise money for the family of Huntley Police Sergeant L.J. Marak.

Sgt. Marak, 14-year police veteran passed away from cancer Aug. 23. The eBay auction ran from Sept. 12-Sept. 19.

The 2002 California Highway Patrol Camaro was originally decaled “In Memory Of Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz” and auctioned by Volo Museum, with the proceeds going towards the Gliniewicz family. Sparrow Express Transport won the auction, bidding $20,100. Half of the money went to Gliniewicz’s four sons.

After the truth came out on Gliniewicz’s scandal, with him staging his Sept. 1, 2015 suicide to look like a murder and embezzling funds from the police department’s Explorer Program, the owner of Sparrow Express Transport, Tim Potoczny decided the car needed a change.

Potoczny stripped the car’s decals and restored it to its original CPH black-and-white appearance. The car sat in the company’s garage until Potoczny found a new purpose.

When Potoczny discovered the loss of Marak, his former Palatine High School classmate, he decided to hold another auction for the car, this time to raise money for the Marak family.

“We were really saddened to learn of Sgt. Marak’s untimely death,” Volo Auto Museum Director Brian Grams said of the August passing of the 40-year-old police officer after a two-year cancer battle. “When the guys from Sparrow Express approached us about doing another auction of the police Camaro, this time to benefit Marak’s family, for sure we were on board.”

The family of Huntley Police Sgt. L.J. Marak received more than $18,000 as the result of the charity eBay auction of a rare 2002 California Highway Patrol Camaro.

The final bidding was Monday afternoon with a winning bid of $18,750. Volo Auto Museum said the car is one of 13 in existence. “It is the highest performance Camaro built by Chevrolet in 2002 and it was only available to Police Dept., not civilians.”

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