(CBS) Soon after being traded to the Cubs in July, closer Aroldis Chapman was twice summoned in the eighth inning to finish off games. Shortly after that, Chapman explained to manager Joe Maddon that he prefers to only work three-out save situations, leading some to wonder what type of workload would be requested of him when the stakes got bigger.

Well, the playoffs are almost here, and the Cubs won’t shy away from trotting Chapman out in the eighth inning of games, pitching coach Chris Bosio told the Mully and Hanley Show on Wednesday morning.

“It depends on the situation,” Bosio said. “It could be a 1-1 or 2-2 game where we need Chapman to throw two innings and he went out the inning before, like in one of his outings this year, and he threw three pitches, he threw four pitches. Why in the world wouldn’t we throw him back out there? Especially in a situation where we could close out, a situation where we needed a game. Chappy would be all for it. He’s been talking to us every day about his workload and wanting to pitch. I thought he got some really good work in two days ago with his secondary pitches, using his change-up and his slider.

“This guy’s not just a 100-mph thrower. This guy’s a pitcher. He used to be a former starter. So he knows how to mix it up a little bit wit a four- and two-seamer and a slider and a change-up. And the other thing a lot of these guys are really smart about it we’re planting seeds right now — we’ve had about 13 scouts following us for about 10 days now, there’s a list that I see, so I know who’s there, and the same guys have been on us — so we’re doing different things. Call it playing like we are or call it planting seeds, trying to drag the worm around the lake a little bit. We’re trying to do what we do but at the same time, we’re trying to do stuff out of the norm just so we’re not so predictable in everything we do.”

Listen to Bosio’s full interview below.

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