By Lauren Victory

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago bus driver is home from the hospital after he was shot at while driving a bus full of children home from school last week.

Police don’t believe he was the target and haven’t made any arrests.

He shares his harrowing experience with CBS 2’s Lauren Victory in this Original Report.

Andre Steele Jr., recovering from a bullet to the face, got grazed by gunfire in Auburn Gresham last week.

“All day, every day, you hear sirens all around these neighborhoods,” he said.

bus driver shot1 Bus Driver Shot While Driving Kids Returns Home From HospitalBut he never expected blue lights for him. Traveling through Jackson and Kildare, his window shattered as he was caught in the crossfire while manning a school bus filled with kids last Friday.

“I see blood everywhere. coming down from my ear, on my face. There was blood everywhere, on my pants. I knew something hit me,” he said.

That blood was blinding. But the next step was clear for this veteran driver: park the bus.

“My immediate reaction was safety of kids,” he said. “You’ve got to do it within split seconds because you don’t know what would’ve happened. I might’ve passed out and then there’s no control over the bus.”

No students were hurt. But the pain now, spreads to Steele’s wallet.

“I have glass in my eye, my cornea is scratched. My ear, I have two stitches in my ear, facial abrasion,” he said.

He’s hoping for help with medical bills through a GoFundMe page. Steele is trying to raise $5,000.

But he remains thankful to be alive.

“It was inches away from my head, inches…I’m blessed.”

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