(CBS) As the Cubs anxiously await the start of the playoffs Friday and will discover their opponent Wednesday evening when the Mets and Giants square off in the NL wild-card game, the organization’s scouting department and analytics crew is feverishly working to discover every last advantage, however small a detail that might be.

As for manager Joe Maddon? Let’s just say he’s not really worried about much of anything outside the Cubs clubhouse.

“Joe doesn’t even watch our games after he gets kicked out,” president of baseball operations Theo Epstein said Tuesday as the Cubs held a simulated game. “He like pours himself a glass of wine and watches Family Feud.”

Maddon acknowledged he won’t be worrying much about the Mets-Giants outcome.

“I’m not a copious notes guy,” Maddon said Tuesday afternoon. “I used to be. I used to be, and it’s a bad way to live, man. It really is. It is. The way it works right now with all the scouting techniques and data that’s available to you, it’s all there, man. I’ll watch probably. I don’t know exactly where yet. Jaye (his wife) and I will go out to dinner. What time does it start?

“I’m not going to be on like every moment of it. Whatever happens, happens.

“The great coach John Wooden, coach Wooden was never really concerned so much about his opposition as he was concerned about his team doing what they do well. So for me — and I really subscribe to that theory — let’s worry about what we do well and make sure that we do.”

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