CHICAGO (CBS) — Matthew, the biggest hurricane to threaten the U.S. coast in a decade, was bearing down on Florida as a ferocious Category Four storm

After passing over the Bahamas on Thursday, the latest models had Matthew hitting the eastern coast of Florida on Friday.

Matthew will likely end up being the strongest hurricane to hit the United States in 11 years. The U.S. has not had a major hurricane (Category 3 or stronger) make landfall in 4,000 days – a record.

Hurricane warnings and tropical storm warnings have now been expanded to include parts of southeast Georgia.

Matthew’s storm surge, behind its 140 mph winds, could potentially impact areas from Miami all the way up the coast into North Carolina.

Hurricane force winds are possible all along the Florida east coast.

Tropical storm force winds are almost a certaintly.

Haitian officials on Thursday dramatically raised the known death toll from Hurricane Matthew as they finally began to reach corners of the country that had been cut off by the rampaging storm.

Interior Minister Francois Anick Joseph announced that at least 108 had died, up from a previous count of 23. That increased the hurricane’s overall toll across the Caribbean to 114.

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