(CBS) – Prostate problems can seriously impact a man’s daily lifestyle and even his love life.

As CBS 2’s Lionel Moise reports, a new device is helping men find relief.

Bus driver Wayne Dalida suffered with an enlarged prostate for nearly 20 years.

It disrupted his life. He’d be up five times a night to urinate and would make social plans based on bathroom location.

“The family just thought, ‘Boy, dad sure has to go to the bathroom a lot,’” he says, laughing.

Symptoms can start by the time a man hits age 40. By 80, most men are affected.

After years of suffering, Wayne finally saw a doctor.

“In a certain group of people, the enlarged prostate could lead to retention of urine so it stops urine from coming out completely, and that could be an emergency,” says Zaki Almallah, a UIC Medical Center urologist. “If it goes on for a period of time, it can affect renal function.”

Enlarged prostate can be treated with medication, a catheter, or surgery. Now, there’s another option: Urolift.

The implanted device lifts up and moves prostate tissue out of the way, opening up the channel, improving the flow of urine.

Unlike surgery, Almallah, says, “This will help to preserve the sexual function which is really quite important for almost all of men.”

Dalida says he felt relief almost immediately. His marriage and sleep quality improved.

“Everything is better, I can drive my bus without feeling like I gotta go, I gotta go, I gotta go. I can go home and go to bed, I don’t have to even think about getting up,” he says.

Symptoms usually improve in about two weeks, with less downtime than surgery.

Another benefit: It’s also less costly and is covered by Medicare.

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