By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — Ken Bone, the cable-knit red sweater man from Sunday night’s debate, has become an Internet superstar.

Here are five things we know about Ken Bone:

1) The red sweater was a backup wardrobe option. Bone told CNN that he split the pants of his suit while getting into his car. So, his wife went for the holiday look instead.

2) IZOD is claiming credit for the sweater, tweeting this today:

3) Bone lives in Shiloh, Ill., and works as an operator at a coal plant, which explains his question about energy policy last night.

4) Former President Bill Clinton appears to be a fan.

5) Bone is married and credits his wife, Heather, for picking out the sweater and khaki look.

“It was the next nicest thing I had ready to go,” Bone told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “This was all in a pinch. My wife is the best person I know. She helped me out once again.”

6) Bone-us(!) fact (or six for the price of five): GQ wasted no time coming up with the Ken Bone Halloween costume idea.

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