(CBS) A seven-year-old central Illinois boy who’s a cancer survivor and relative of Cubs infielder/outfielder Ben Zobrist chose to support his favorite team amid a tough situation.

Beckham Zobrist, who lives in Morton, has a prosthetic Cubs eyeball in his right eye, which he had removed in 2012 after being diagnosed with retinoblastoma, the Peoria Journal-Star reported. It was a gift that Beckham asked for leading up to last Christmas after his family explained he couldn’t have a real, working eye, the Journal-Star reported.

Beckham is a distant cousin of Ben Zobrist, who is a native of Eureka in central Illinois.

Check out the full story in the Peoria Journal-Star below. Beckham’s story will also be featured on ESPN’s E:60 program on Wednesday at 7 p.m.

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