(CBS) The Bears are currently 1-4, just good enough to lose without being a total embarrassment and admittedly “don’t have a plan” at quarterback as Brian Hoyer continues to play solid-but-not-winning football while the injured Jay Cutler recovers.

It was the Bears’ final play in a 29-23 loss at the Colts on Sunday that demonstrated a shortcoming of Hoyer, as he missed an open Alshon Jeffery in the end zone on a late fourth-down play, instead forcing an incomplete pass into a tight window to Cam Meredith. On Monday, Fox was asked about the play.

And then he referenced hots dogs.

“It could’ve been an option,” Fox said. “But you can be super-critical. When you’re out there playing quarterback, it looks a little different than when you’re up in a press box having hot dogs.”

Fox then doubled down on hot dog talk when asked a follow-up about whether the final play illustrated the difference between Hoyer and Cutler.

“I’m not going to get into all this, as far as differences between the two guys,” Fox said. “I just think it would’ve been an option had we had the coolness of the hot dog-laden press box, we might’ve gone there.”

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