(CBS) — Fares Freitek, a student pilot, is accused of intentionally crashing a small plane in east Hartford, Connecticut.

Though his instructor survived, Freitek was killed in that crash. He has ties to the Chicago area.

The Jordanian National came to the U.S. in 2012 on a visa to learn how to fly. But he didn’t have anywhere to mail his mail, so he used an Orland Hills address, even though police say he’s never been here.

“To our knowledge, the deceased pilot has never been a resident or been in Orland Hills,” Mayor Kyle Hastings.

Tonight, the mayor and police are making it clear that Freitek never lived in the bedroom community, even though he listed an Orland Hills neighborhood as his address on his pilot’s license application.

“Our police department questioned the owner of the home listed on the pilot’s application, and remain in contact with the homeowner,” Hastings said.

It turns out one of Freitek’s father’s business associates lives in Orland Hills and allowed Frietek to send mail to the house.

“The homeowner and resident were very forthcoming with us and answered our questions honestly,” Orland Hills Police Chief Thomas Scully said.

The FBI and NTSB are also looking into Freitek for his role in Tuesday’s small plane crash in Connecticut.

“Information indicates this crash was intentional,” Lt. Josh Litwin of the East Hartford Police Department said at a recent Hartford press conference.

Apparently, there was a struggle between Freitek and the other person on board Arrian Prevella, the instructor who survived the crash. Those close to the investigation say suicide may have been the motive.

“No situation is being ruled out, no circumstance is being ruled out,” Litwin says.

Freitek did not survive the crash. The case is still under investigation, but as far as the Orland Hills connection, that part of the case appears to be closed.


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