(CBS) – A man in La Porte, Ind. says he fought back when two people dressed as clowns confronted him earlier this week.

La Porte police say they responded to a call for help around 11 p.m. Tuesday at the parking lot of a former grocery store. A man there appeared out of breath and said he had been walking on Andrew Avenue when two people dressed in clown outfits came out of some shrubs and confronted him.

The man says one of the subjects “was walking towards him dragging his leg and a sledge hammer,” while the other disguised person ran toward him. Both clowns yelled profanity at the victim, he told police.

The man says he was “ready to defend himself” after hearing about the various reports of people trying to scare others while dressed as clowns. He told police he punched the advancing clown in the face, knocking him down.

The other clown, the one with the sledge hammer, reportedly fled down 14th Street, La Porte police said. Meanwhile, the clown that had been knocked down got up and pulled a knife out of his pocket, the victim told police.

He claims he disarmed the clown and kicked the clown several times before running off with the weapon.

“I believe he was badly injured,” the man told police. “I hit him pretty good in the face and rib area.”

Police later recovered a folding knife near the scene of the altercation and noted the person who made the report was bleeding from the knuckle area.

He told police the people dressed as clowns wore “checkered suits.” One had a “Phantom of the Opera type mask,” while the other person had been wearing a “joker mask,” police said.



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