By Jeremy Ross

CHICAGO (CBS) — These days, it seems you can’t go anywhere in Chicago without bumping into a Cubs logo.

But even in a sea of blue and red, one company’s advertisements stand out, CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reports.

Of all the traffic you’ll see around Wrigley Field, you might hear one truck approaching long before you spot it.

It’s a pick-up truck towing a flat bed trailer as well as the heavy ropes of Cubs fans. The float began making its way around the North Side, just before the postseason.

“The float idea was originated by my children,” said Jerry Siegel of Midway Moving and Storage. He says it’s the first year they’ve taken this mobile marketing to the ballpark.

Jaws drop and people peer at the vehicle, wide-eyed.

Siegel and his family did the graphics on the Chevrolet, themselves, he says. “It probably can carry up to 40 people safely,” he adds.

Steve Quinn hasn’t driven anything like it before. It’s an ear-full and an eye-full; a showcase for team flags, the company’s logo and two life-size baseball player bobble heads. It’s a sight fans try to capture on camera–often putting on miles at Wrigley during postseason play.

“We drive 15, 20 miles a day,” Siegel says. And the cost of gas is worth the investment in advertising, he adds.

“I think the fans love it.”

Midway Moving and Storage is a company moving their message to fans and to a ballpark.

“We just want to support the tremendous success,” Siegel says.


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