By Jeremy Ross

(CBS) — There is a group with a specific definition of what a hero is.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross talks with an Illinois man who met hat definition by risking his own life.

It was a vacation — turned moment of crisis — at North Carolina’s Emerald Isle last July.

An emergency helicopter was called in. Buffalo Grove native Duncan Harris and another man answered the call moments before.

A teenage boy drowned from the torrid currents, another would be saved by the two men.

Harris didn’t know the victims or the other responder.

But last week, he became acquainted with an honor few are ever considered for.

He’ll receive a medal from the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission.

Only about 88 people in North America are honored each year.

It’s given to a select few, including those who risk death to save a life.

“It means a lot more to me that we were able to help somebody,” Harris says.

The lance corporal in the Marine Corps Reserves already received a separate honor for his beach bravery back in August – the Navy and Marine Corps Medal.

He’ll get the Carnegie award about two months from now.


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