CHICAGO (CBS) — Despite concerns about the way they look and what they might say about the neighborhood, a popular South Side bakery has said it might install rolling shutters to deter burglars, after three break-ins in the past year.

Greg Sherman, a baker at Brown Sugar Bakery, owned by his wife Stephanie Hart, said a burglar used a hammer to break a window next to the front door of the bakery at 328 E. 75th St. in the Park Manor neighborhood on Monday.

“He was in and out within 30 seconds,” he said.

Sherman said the thief was one of the world’s dumbest criminals.

“He just took the register, and it had zero. The change was next to the register. He didn’t get that. He took an empty register,” he said.

Last year, another burglar left the register, but stole several cakes and started selling them near a gas station along 75th Street, according to Sherman.

About six months ago, thieves wrapped a chain around the back door handle, connected it to a truck, and pulled off the back door as well as part of a wall, Sherman said. In that burglary, he says only cakes were taken.

“We think it’s crazy. I mean the cake’s good, but damn. Really?” he asked.

Sherman said his wife is now considering rolling security shutters on the windows of the bakery.

“You know, you go on the West Side or other so-called ‘bad neighborhoods,’ they got their shutters up. Well, she’s been against shutters for a while, and Monday kind of pushed her over the edge,” he said.

Hart has resisted installing metal roll-down security shutters in the past, because she doesn’t like the way they look, or the what they say about the neighborhood, so if Brown Sugar Bakery installs secuirty shutters, Sherman said they’ll be decorated.

Sherman said the bakery is not going to leave the community.

“We’re not leaving. We’re a staple of the community,” he said.

As of Wednesday, police were still looking for the latest person to have broken in to the bakery.

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