Some people in Chicago were still buying Christmas Trees on Christmas Eve; some looking for bargains, some by tradition.

Very few trees were left Saturday at the corner Lawrence and Seeley avenues, where Nick Zouras was standing in the door of the old construction trailer he keeps on the lot where his family has sold Christmas trees for the past 45 years.

“A lot of positive vibes every year. We have the same customers that come in year after year,” he said.

Zouras said it’s common to get several customers on Christmas Eve.

“A lot of it’s traditional. You know, Santa Claus coming and supplying the family a tree along with the presents. You also have other people – especially a lot of Eastern European people that celebrate January 6th. Then you also have the bargain hunters that want to try to get the best possible price at the end,” he said.

Zouras’ father started the Christmas tree lot 45 years ago. He said he gets his trees from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He lives in Chicago, unlike a lot of other tree sellers who come in from Michigan or Wisconsin and stay in the city for 6 to 8 weeks while they sell their inventory.

“You know, it’s a lot harder for them, but for us we’re fortunate enough to live in the city and be able to go home at night,” Zouras said.

Some other lots in Chicago were still filled with trees on Saturday, including one near Roscoe and Clark streets that sells trees for $30 each, self-serve style on the honor system.

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