CHICAGO (CBS) – Chicagoland might be having a bit of an identity crisis as the weather moves in.

Rain Monday night, will transition into a deep freeze later in the week.

CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar has more on the weather change.

Although there was rain for part of Monday, the area definitely saw warmer temperatures than normal, but that is all about to change.

CBS 2 caught up with some people taking advantage of these milder temperatures.

The fog that set over the city also brought with it on and off rain for much Monday.

But that did not matter much to die-hard skiers braving the rain at Four Lakes Alpine Sports in Lisle.

“When it started raining, I was pushing my helmet down a little, but I still wanted to ski,” said Mai Lindgren.

“It gets really icy out here and you start slipping and sliding, but it wasn’t too bad,” said Kyle Gillani.

It was raining earlier said, Syed Raheem, but now it is fine.

First time snowboarder, Mia Lindgren has been hoping for more snow this winter, but she has no problem riding the manmade powder in unusually warmer temperatures.

“It hasn’t been snowing a lot in Chicago, so it’s like a cool experience to come out where there is actually snow,” Lindgren said.

And inside the ski lodge bar…

“It is kind of nice to sit back and relax and watch him through the window,” said Noreen Leavy.

There are plenty of people, who rather cozy up to the warm fireplace than hit the slopes.

“It’s chilly and I hear it’s going to get bad soon, but I wanted to get out here before that,” Gillani said.

Despite the nice weather, expect reality to hit about mid-week. But it is Chicago in January, nothing that we are not used to.

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