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Productivity is an elusive creature. Even though increasing productivity is a top priority for small business owners, many struggle to find ways to actually improve workflow in the office. Much of the time, it all comes down to choosing the right tools that will simplify your day, streamline tasks and free up mental resources so you can focus on what matters most — the work. Making the optimal tools available to yourself and your employees will help your business gain control of the endless hours that slip away. Here are four tools that will help maximize your small business’s productivity.


When the mind is engaged, it cannot track time accurately. There are an endless array of tasks that we perform throughout the day that can become time holes and kill productivity, like doing research or answering emails. If there’s a task that eats up a chunk of your day, set limits by giving yourself a designated amount of time to perform it. A timer will help you gain control of the responsibilities that can add up quickly and easily stretch from minutes to hours.

Adjustable Height Desks

Sitting at your desk all day can be exhausting. We’ve all been there — hours hunched over your computer can make your shoulders tight, your back sore and even your legs and feet numb. Pretty soon, your body becomes a symphony of distractions. Using an adjustable height desk can lend relief from the sore-inducing monotony of remaining seated for too long without taking you away from your work. Changing your position is not only healthier for you, but it can help keep you focused on your work by decreasing sedentary time and physical discomfort.


Music can be a valuable tool at your company, in more ways than one. Of course, music can help some people concentrate and enter the zone when they need to tackle a big project. But if you or any of your employees are easily distracted, music can still be used tactically to swing you back into focus. Feeling sluggish? Listen to an upbeat song to wake yourself up and get the positive vibes going. Maybe you don’t want to blare music over the office speakers throughout the day. But allowing yourself or your employees the freedom to incorporate music in the workday can provide a positive headspace, confidence and sense of control that will contribute to productivity.

All-In-One Printer

There are countless ways that an all-in-one printer can increase productivity for your small business. A high-powered multifunction printer will allow you to print, scan, copy and fax without the burden of a cluttered work space or constant toggling between different devices. Wireless connectivity will make it possible to link up computers from anywhere in the office. These printers are especially useful if you’re highly particular in how you run your office, so you can customize for your most frequently used settings and optimize functionality for your business’s workflow. Canon MAXIFY printers are specifically geared towards small business owners. Their various functions can save you time and, with a high page yield, money on ink costs too.


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