CHICAGO (CBS) — The sun decided to grace Chicago with its presence on Monday, the first time the area has seen the sun in more than a week.

Before Monday, it had been eight days since Chicago had seen the sun, the second-longest stretch of cloud cover on record in the month of January.

Chicagoans said the break from the dreariness of the past week-plus was a welcome one, even if temperatures had been noticeably warmer for much of the past eight days.

“Gloomy days in January or February kind of get to me, and days like this make it a little bit more bearable,” said Scott Heimann. “I hate the gloomy weather, and my wife and I were talking about moving to Florida, you know, when the kids get out of the house.”

There’s always a comedian in the bunch, including traveling salesman Bob Valvano.

“I don’t know Chicago gray, because I just got here. My first day here’s bright sunshine. Isn’t it like this every day?” he said.

Unfortunately for Chicago, the sunshine Monday morning didn’t last. Clouds began moving in Monday afternoon, with some snow arriving at night, but accumulation will be minimal. Tuesday was expected to be overcast again, although the end of the week should bring a return of clear skies.

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