CHICAGO (CBS) — Christmas was more than a month ago, but on Monday an Indiana Air Force veteran on hospice received a gift he has been dreaming of for months.

His family and caregivers wanted to grant him a special day before it’s too late. CBS 2’s Mai Martinez reports.

Being in an airplane hangar again, is a dream come true for Vietnam Veteran Victor McGovern.

McGovern spent 18 years in the Air Force, many of those working on planes. The 69-year old is currently fighting four types of cancer.

His wife said even though his health is wavering, his love of planes never has.

“The doctor said they could not do no more,” said wife, Brenda McGovern. “He’s been on hospice for three years and the third will be two months. For him to get out and do things he loves, to see something he loves, it’s nice because I just want him to be okay.”

Unity Hospice arranged the outing. Chaplain Steve Buchelt who is also a pilot, said he and McGovern bonded over their love of planes.

“When I first mentioned that ‘hey we can go out to the hangar, hang around some airplanes,’ he just brightened up,” Buchelt said.

Buchelt contacted his friend Jim Read, who donated his hangar space and planes to help McGovern relive his glory days.

“You don’t know how much I appreciate it,” McGovern said. “Brings back a lot of memories. I enjoyed the (expletive) out of it.”

McGovern said the best part of the day was getting out in the fresh air.

Even though this special day was all about Victor, his wife and those who know him said they’ll never forget it either.

“I’m just happy for him,” Brenda McGovern said. “And that I get to be here and share this with him because he’ll be talking about it for a long time.”

Because of his health issues, McGovern had to be transported to and from the hangar by ambulance and have paramedics on site.

Superior Ambulance donated all the services needed in honor of McGovern’s service to our country.

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