CHICAGO (CBS) — Despite how relatively mild as this winter has been, forecasters have said an early spring is unlikely for Chicago.

AccuWeather lead long-range forecaster Paul Pastelok said warmer weather will be slow in coming, especially in the Midwest, Great Plains, and Northeast.

“Everything’s going to be kind of behind, I think; and I think that’s the area of the country that’s going to slowly, gradually get into the transition part,” he said.

The snow in the upper Midwest likely will put a chill on any early spring, and in the Northeast it will be cold and wet to start the spring, according to Pastelok.

“It’s going to start out on a wet side, a wet note. There will be rain mixed with snow events that will take place, and hold you back temperature-wise,” he said.

Pastelok said the places where it will be warmer and drier than usual will be from southern California to the middle of Texas.

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