CHICAGO (CBS) – The family of a man killed by Forest Park police are demanding a thorough investigation. They dispute the officers’ story and they have hired a civil rights lawyer to get answers.

CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez has the family’s side of the story.

The family, who gathered Wednesday outside Borman Funeral Home in Melrose Park for Marco Gomez’s wake, are questioning the police’s version of the event.

Forest Park police said Marco Gomez was driving a stolen car and tried to rundown an officer when he was shot. Police said they spotted Friday night a car reported stolen at stop light at Jackson and Harlem. An officer then approached on foot.

The officer said Gomez pulled a U-turn and headed right toward him; therefore, the officer fired his gun. Police said Gomez was shot in the chest.

The family of Marco Gomez dispute that story and are calling for a thorough investigation.

“The police narrative, what they say has been very contradictory relative to the police reports, video and other evidence,” said civil rights lawyer, Andrew Stroh. “We have not seen the car. We don’t know the ballistics on the gunshots. We don’t know anything at this point in time.”

“Marco Gomez did not deserve to die,” said Eric Russell, Tree of Life Justice League. “And this family is in excruciating pain and this family just seeks answers.”

The family has not yet announced if they will file suit.

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