By Charlie De Mar

(CBS) — Backyards, parks, trees and even the Hinsdale Oasis could be in jeopardy in a plan to expand I-294 goes through.

Village leaders and those who would be impacted by the construction spoke with CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reports.

Homes in the Woodlands subdivison in Hinsdale already sit right next to the busy Tri-State Tollway – a sound wall the only separation.

“This will be one of the biggest issues Hinsdale has faced or will face for a long time,” Hinsdale Village President Tom Cauley says.

He is talking about a possible plan by the Illinois Tollway Authority to expand 1-294 by one-lane, allowing more trucks to pass through.

“We would lose park lands, we would lose mature trees, we would lose ball fields, we would lose soccer fields,” Cauley says.

Residents like Matthew Hsieh say they would see their backyards shrink – and worse.

“I think even moving a little bit closer here would not only increase the noise but probably hurt our home values,” he says.

The Hinsdale Oasis would also be on the chopping block. It brings in more than $500,000 per year for the village, Cauley says.

The Tollway Authority has not finalized any plans for the expansion, saying they continue to meet with the communities that would be affected.

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