CHICAGO (CBS) — Chants about tacos, tamales and guacamole echoed across the river from the Trump Tower in Chicago Saturday afternoon as people rallied for unity.

WBBM’s Mike Krauser reports.

People of different races, faiths and ethnicities chanted “less wall, more tacos,” on Wacker Drive across the river from the President’s tower.

Terry Cortez, who’s from Mexico, said he did not completely agree with the Trump administration’s policies.

“I’m agreed if they’re going for the criminals and the dangerous people that can cause harm to the United States, but not the working families,” he said.

Cortez also said many in the undocumented community would not attend a rally like Saturday’s because they fear Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will come and put them on a bus.

“They’re not looking for the bad guys, they’re looking for anybody they can put on the bus, and that’s not fair,” said a rally attendee.

Cortez also said ICE snatched up some undocumented people, whose only crime was to be in the presence of other immigrants.

Isabella Banka, who identified herself as a Muslim American, said it was her first protest. She is scared of being persecuted because of her faith.

“I’m out here today literally out of desperation, I don’t know what else to do,” she said.

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