CHICAGO (CBS) – American Girl is releasing Thursday its first boy doll as part of a new series launching throughout 2017.

The new characters were developed after receiving thousands of requests for more options that speak to children’s interests, backgrounds and experiences. American Girl seeks to continue to inspire children through the stories of their characters.

Kicking off the 2017 launch, American Girl fans will be introduced Thursday to two new characters, Tenney Grant and Logan Everett, American Girl’s first boy doll. Tenney Grant portrays a rising star in Nashville, whom is a breakout songwriter finding the heart to be herself. The 18-inch Tenney doll has long, curly blond hair and brown eyes. The doll will come with an exclusive outfit and a book telling her story. Her collection also features a miniature version of an authentic Taylor GS mini guitar, a stage, music-inspired outfits and more. As part of the Tenney stories, American Girl introduces fans to her drummer, Logan Everett. The first-ever boy character will feature short, brown hair, gray eyes and an outfit. His collection includes a drum set.

Logan Everett, American Girl's first-ever boy character doll (Credit: American Girl)

Logan Everett, American Girl’s first-ever boy character doll (Credit: American Girl)

“A boy character has been a top request from our fans for decades. We do an enormous amount of research with girls and their parents, and the one thing we have heard loud and clear is a desire for more—specifically more characters and stories from today—with more experiences, more diversity, and more interests. To answer that call, in 2017, we are introducing more, new contemporary characters than ever before—including our first-ever boy doll, Logan! These new characters, including two new historical characters, will help us give voice to a diverse range of personalities and speak to even more customers. Tenney’s story was the perfect opportunity for us to introduce a boy doll character. Logan, as Tenney’s bandmate and drummer, has a compelling storyline within the series and we believe many parents, girls and boys will be glad he joined the fold!” –Julie Parks, American Girl spokesperson

Six new characters being launched as part of American Girl's new 2017 series, telling stories children can relate to (Credit: American Girl/website)

Six new characters being launched as part of American Girl’s new 2017 series, telling stories children can relate to (Credit: American Girl/website)

There are six dolls in the new 2017 series. Tenney Grant, the songwriter inspires children to “discover the inspiration to share their authentic selves and the courage to wholeheartedly pursue their dreams;” and Logan Everett, Tenney’s bandmate teaches children “the importance of being open to collaboration and comprise,” will be available beginning Thursday, Feb. 16. One of American Girl’s historical characters, Felicity Merriman will relaunch on Thursday as well. “Felicity’s stories offer guidance the children can apply to their own lives – such as what it means to be a loyal friend and how to deal with the responsibilities of growing more independent.”

Z Yang, an imaginative filmmaker will be launched spring 2017. Her stories remind children “that everyone has a unique perspective to share – even if it’s not perfect.” Nanea Mitchell, a Hawaiian girl who does her part to help and heal during wartime will be available fall 2017. Her stories teach children that “doing good deeds and giving selflessly – sometimes requires sacrifice, but that it’s everyone’s responsibility to lend a hand for the greater good.” Also a part of the new series is Gabriela McBride, the 2017 Girl of the Year. Gabriela’s story encourages children to tackle challenges that many face in the real world.

The new series will allow children to connect to the character’s stories on a variety of platforms, including books, live-action specials, and digital platforms like web series, apps and videos.

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