CHICAGO (CBS) – Community leaders and activists are offering a monetary reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect who shot and killed 2-year-old Levontay White, Jr. on Tuesday in Lawndale.

Bishop Larry Trotter, Senior Pastor of the Sweet Holy Spirit Church of Chicago, joined community activist Andrew Holmes, Earley Walker (W&W Towing) and numerous other businesspersons throughout Cook County to announce Friday a monetary reward of more than $10,000 to help assist police in capturing the suspect.

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“To the person that pulled this trigger, please call me at 773-721-6178. I will meet you and personally transport you to the Chicago Police,” said Bishop Trotter, in a statement. “I’m positive that there will be a spirit of cooperation with the police.”

The shooting that killed 2-year-old Lavontay White, Jr. also took the life of 26-year-old Lazarec Collins, Lavontay’s uncle, riding in the passenger seat. Collins’ 20-year-old pregnant girlfriend was left in fair condition after being shot in the stomach. Police believe Collins was the target. The woman had been using Facebook Live at the time and it captured part of the shooting. Both the woman and her unborn baby are expected to survive.

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“It saddens me to know that the code of silence in our community is so widespread,” said Earley Walker, W&W Towing. “Somewhere in our neighborhoods this suspect is possibly being housed with food, clothing and heat. But Lavontay is lying in a funeral home being prepared for his home going service. It’s simply not right.”

Activist Andrew Holmes, who is on the streets just about every night, going to crime scenes helping police, broke down talking about this one. Holmes was angered over rhetoric from President Trump about Chicago violence and said the President and other leaders should come to Chicago and meet with real people who are on the streets every day. WBBM’s Mike Krauser reports.

“To some of our leaders, come out here on the streets, lay with these kids and see the hole in their head, blood gushing out. Go to the hospitals,” Holmes cried. “Go to the hospitals. Sit with the mothers and fathers when their children can’t get up. That is when the pain starts. That baby is not getting up.”

Holmes said some know the shooter’s identity.

Sean Howard, speaking for Bishop Larry Trotter at Sweet Holy Spirit Church of Chicago said he could turn himself in at the church.

“No sense of anything happening further out there,” Howard said. “Your life is at stake. There are people in the community who are heartbroken.”

The reward money came from a number of business, as well as former Chicago Bear, Richard Dent.

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