CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago couple became instant celebrities Sunday, when they were brought on stage for the 89th Academy Awards.

Gary and Vicky were part of a group of tourists who got a big surprise when they were brought into the Dolby Theatre in the middle of the Oscars show on Sunday.

After Kimmel introduced “Gary from Chicago” and his fiancée, Vicky, they also got a chance to shake hands with many of the celebrities in the theater, and Jennifer Aniston even gave Vicky her sunglasses.

The Hollywood meet and greet wasn’t the only surprise in store for Gary and Vicky. After Vicky told Kimmel she and Gary are getting married on July 18, Kimmel asked her who her favorite actor is. Vicky pointed to Denzel Washington in the front row, and said it’s “that man right there.”

When Kimmel asked Washington to be the best man at their wedding, Washington instead performed an impromptu wedding ceremony, while they recorded the whole thing on their phone with a selfie stick.

Their identities remain a mystery, but #GaryFromChicago has become a popular hashtag on Twitter.

Gino’s East tweeted “If anyone knows who #garyfromchicago is, have him tweet us because we want to give him some pizza.”

The Bears and Bulls also got in on the act, with the Bulls offering tickets to a game, and the Bears offering a new iPhone cover to replace the pink one he was using at the Academy Awards.

Walmart also offered free wedding gifts for the couple.

One published report said Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel was keeping Gary and Vicky out of the limelight until they appear on his late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday.

A woman who was part of the tour group with Gary and Vicky said before everyone was taken inside the theater, they were told they would be going in to see old gowns and awards from the Oscars.

Some still have their doubts about the whole thing, wondering if the whole affair was a planned skit.

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