(CBS) – President Trump is coming to Chicago – so says South Side Chicago Congressman Bobby Rush.

As Trump entered the U.S. House chamber to speak to the nation, Rush was in a prime spot to bend his ear. Rush says he invited Trump to visit Chicago, and the president agreed.

That’s not a bad thing to some elected city officials.

“I’d want him to know we need resources, that we need money,” says Ald. Walter Burnett of the 27th Ward.

That is the same thing Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been saying, even as Trump hammers Chicago on crime, as he did again Tuesday evening in an address to Congress.

Trump also called for tax cuts, replacing Obamacare and infrastructure spending.

“At the end of the day it’s not about a speech, it’s whether he puts those policies in place,” Emanuel said.

“I welcome him hammering us. Keep hammering us. But also help us to turn it around,” Burnett says.

Rush says the president has talked so much about Chicago’s crime problems, he has an obligation to be part of the solution. That, he says, begins by personally visiting the city, talking to crime victims, their families and the business people who can’t get loans to create jobs.

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