CHICAGO (CBS) — Last month was a historically warm one in Illinois.

The statewide average temperature for February was 40.5 degrees, which is nearly 10 degrees above normal. It topped the record of 40 degrees set back in 1998.

WBBM’s Andy Dahn reports.

Jim Angel, State Climatologist at the Illinois State Water Survey said the new record did not surprise him.

“We had that long stretch of very warm conditions, especially the second half of the month, and that really pushed us over the top,” he said.

Along with the mild temperatures, some people may have noticed dust gathering on snow boots and shovels this year. Angel said last month was the 9th driest February in Illinois on record.

“January is typically the snowiest, February the second snowiest. So to go the whole month of February and the whole month of January without significant snowfall is pretty extraordinary,” he said.

Residents may not complain about the more pleasant temperatures, but Angel said the weather follows a concerning warm winter trend across the country.

“It brings the point home when you have this kind of situation where you’ve got 70 degree weather in February. That’s not a normal thing for us in Illinois,” he said.

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