By Dan Bernstein– senior columnist

(CBS) Mike Glennon isn’t great, is possibly good and probably average to bad. The range of outcomes if the Bears sign him trends downward further, primarily because they still have few established passing targets and a placeholder of an offensive coordinator.

The prospect of the Bears deciding that the 27-year-old Glennon could be any kind of answer at the most important individual position in sports makes me hope that all the noise over this is somehow wrong and that general manager Ryan Pace has more inspired plans as the NFL’s free-agent negotiating window opens Tuesday at 11 a.m. Otherwise, this is just more blah.

Signing Glennon is like ordering an egg-salad sandwich anywhere but my mother’s kitchen table. The chances that it’s just right are slim, and more likely there’s something noticeably amiss from the outset, like pickle relish or celery in it or low-fat mayo or not enough salt or that weird sweet taste. Better to make it myself exactly as I want. And at $15 million per year, that’s an expensive sandwich.

Pace has another analogy for free agency, saying: “You’re stepping through land mines. And you’ve got to be careful you don’t step on the wrong one.”

Is there a right land mine to step on?

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