CHICAGO (CBS) – Getting back to work is helping a familiar voice bounce back from cancer surgery.

CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole sat down with Morning Drive host Dave Fogel from K-Hits in his new studio.

These days Dave Fogel is adjusting to a new commute.

“When I first got out of surgery, I felt like taking a cab from my bedroom to the couch, but now, I am better,” Fogel said.

Two weeks ago, he underwent surgery for prostate cancer. And just four days later, the Morning Drive host was back on the air broadcasting from his north side living room.

“I love being on the radio so much, that is it helping me,” Fogel said. “Just whenever I say K-Hits and here’s another song, I am happy.”

Fogel who has been a mainstay of Chicago radio for years said his cancer was detected by a blood test.

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“They caught it just in time, so I am lucky,” Fogel said.

Dr. Leslie Deane with Rush University Medical Center said prostate cancer can also be detected with a physical exam; and men should communicate with their doctors about which is right for them.

“It’s very common. It occurs in about one in six men in their lifetime,” Dr. Deane said. “The majority of patients who are diagnosed with prostate cancer will never have any clinical untoward effects of the prostate cancer.”

It’s why Fogel is coming forward with his story, and in the process it is also helping in his own recovery.

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“If I am helping anybody, one guy, it will make me happy,” Fogel said. “It just take me away for a little while.”

The same company that owns CBS 2 Chicago owns K-Hits.

Forgel is hoping to return to the regular studios downtown on Monday, but if he needs a little extra time, his couch is waiting.

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