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I was recently involved in an auto accident. It was a head-on collision. I was turning and I was hit on the left side front of the vehicle. The other driver was traveling around 60 mph. I was knocked unconscious and sustained injuries to my neck and other areas. The vehicle is equipped with a number of airbags and not one of them deployed. Can you advise me what my legal rights might be in a case like this?


Clifford Horwitz, a principal partner and Chicago personal injury lawyer at Horwitz Horwitz & Associates, answers this question.


Products liability law controls this situation. Were the air bags defective? This is the question that begs an answer. The airbags may have been defective. The airbags may not have been defective.

Now for the sad truth – even if the airbags were defective, the manufacturer is likely to escape liability.


Fighting a billion dollar powerhouse corporation is expensive. Prosecuting this type of case will cost an attorney at least $100,000.00 (probably $200,000.00) in costs alone. Attacking a corporation’s main product line is expensive. They will defend it with no concern for you and they will defend it with unlimited funds.

No attorney will prosecute this type of case unless your injuries are very severe and permanent. The attorney cannot be blamed here. If an attorney took such cases, they would find themselves out of business relatively quickly. Hence, you lose, your attorney loses (but that’s not as important) and the manufacturer wins.

Now you can see how it might be more profitable for a major corporation to manufacture defective products. They know unless the injuries are severe no attorney will prosecute it. They may decide it will cost less to pay out a few large claims rather than fix the problem.

Consumers are the ones who lose.

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