CHICAGO (CBS) — Former Chicago Bear Charles “Peanut” Tillman visited the 6th District police station in the Gresham neighborhood on Thursday bearing gifts from the team.

Tillman presented Officer David Nichols with a new LEMART kit, one of 75 that were donated.

Officer Nichols had a kit of his own and used the quick clot gauze from the kit on a man who was shot outside his home.

“The wound was bleeding profusely – this is why we have this quick clot. It has a chemical in it that promotes the blood to congeal. It stopped the bleeding,” Nichols said.

 6th District Commander Bill Bradley said they can’t afford to supply all officers with the kits, which cost about $100.

“Few of them have packs, some of them don’t. With the donation that they provided, it will be able to give all the trained officers packs.”

Law Enforcement Medical and Rescue Training, commonly known as LEMART, teaches combat care and uses the items in a first aid kit–like a tourniquet–to save lives in case of an emergency.

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