CHICAGO (CBS) – Chicago police were questioning a person Tuesday evening in connection with the death of a Cook County judge  who was gunned down outside his home, a spokesperson says.

The Chicago alderman who represents the West Chesterfield community where Raymond Myles was murdered says the judge may have been a target.

“I’ve been talking to police, talking to a few people in the community and I don’t believe this is just a random act of violence,” said Alderman Anthony Beale.

“I don’t want to put too much out there, I don’t want to jeopardize the investigation, because it is still an ongoing investigation,” he tells CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker. “I want to let the investigation play out.”

The community was severely shaken when the judge was murdered early Monday morning outside his home. It happened when his female companion was shot in the leg by the suspect and when the judge came to help, she could be heard screaming, ‘Don’t kill him. Don’t kill him.’ But the man shot the judge multiple times.

Police were asked Monday if they thought Myles was a target.

“We don’t know at this time. It’s a very fresh investigation,” said Chicago Police Chief of Detectives, Melissa Staples. “We are investigating a multitude of possible leads.”

Among the leads, police are reportedly checking a restraining order by the judge’s female companion against a former boyfriend and whether the judge was a target because of a ruling he made in a case. Court officials will not say if the judge has ever reported being threatened, but there is no indication he was receiving any extra security at his home.

Beale is confident the police will soon solve the case.

“I want police to do a thorough investigation and I want them to solve this as soon as possible so the community will be at ease.”

Police are looking at surveillance cameras that may have captured the subject running from the scene. Judge Myles had supported the idea of cameras in the neighborhood. Community leader told CBS 2 that they are expanding that program.

Police say they were pursuing a number of leads in the case. The questioning of a person Tuesday was confirmed by a Chicago Police Department spokesperson. Details were not available.

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