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Have you ever reviewed your business’s monthly energy bill only to be surprised by a spike in usage? Ever wondered how you can control energy costs? Any unplanned increase in expenses can throw off even the most carefully planned budget. Even if you’re able to maintain consistency in your energy bills from month to month, there is still a chance you may not be using energy in the most efficient way.

With a smart meter installed at your business, you have convenient, online access to your energy-usage information — broken down by the hour — available to you the very next day. With more real-time data about your usage, you can determine when spikes occur so you can investigate the causes and seek solutions. This provides you opportunities to lower your monthly energy expenses.


What is a smart meter?

Smart meters are digital electric meters that automatically send energy-usage information to ComEd. Because a smart meter allows you to access next-day information about your energy use, you no longer have to wait for your monthly bill, and there will be fewer estimated readings that may distort your financial records.


How will usage data help my business cut costs?

Smart meter-enabled tools and programs help simplify the process of analyzing your business’s energy use and determining where to manage costs. These tools and programs are easy to access and allow you to determine the times of day your business uses the most energy. With this information, you can track down inefficiencies and make corrections. For example, using next-day smart meter readings, you can identify how weather affects your business’s energy usage and use that knowledge to inform decisions related to staffing, scheduling and operations. Additionally, because a smart meter sends readings electronically, you can check your energy use online, remote from your facilities.


Smart meters are part of a smart grid.

Smart meters are important building blocks of the smart grid, which is an electric delivery system enhanced with digital technologies that also includes smart switches and smart substations. Together, these components automatically communicate with ComEd to improve reliability.

With a smart grid, ComEd can better assess power quality to ensure more reliable electric service, as well as detect problems early so you experience fewer and shorter power outages. This increased efficiency helps lower ComEd’s operational costs, which are fully passed on to customers.


Want to learn more about how the smart meter and smart meter-enabled tools and services can save money and improve reliability for your small business? Contact ComEd at 866-368-8326 or visit ComEd.com/BizSmartMeter.


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