CHICAGO (CBS) – The man accused in the killing of Cook County Associate Judge Raymond Myles will stay behind bars for now.

A judge denied Joshua Smith bond on Thursday.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker was in the courtroom where prosecutors revealed how the suspects stalked the female victim.

Just beyond the walls of the criminal courthouse, hang purple and black bunting, in memory of Judge Raymond Myles. His staff from courtroom 204, pictured with him were seen crying outside the bond hearing for Joshua Smith, the man charged first-degree murder for driving the shooter to the judge’s home.

“Their goal was to carry out the robbery,” said Assistant State’s Attorney Guy Lisuzzo.

According to prosecutors, Smith told police the shooter believed the judge’s female friend, who went to the gym every morning, carried money in her gym bag.

“Smith also admitted the male co-defendant has surveilled the female for two or three weeks,” Lisuzzo said.

When the female friend walked out the door, prosecutors said the co-defendant shot her once; and when the judge came out, he was shot several times. The shooter grabbed the bag and jumped in the car with Smith.

“While in the car, the co-defendant looked through bag and became upset when there was no money in the bag,” Lisuzzo said.

“The death of Judge Myles is tragic loss for family, friends, community,” said Cook County Public Defender Kristina Yi.

Yi, the defense attorney representing Smith, knew the judge.

Q: To defend someone accused of killing someone you personally knew, what’s that like?

“That’s my job,” Yi said. “That’s my job.”

Yi had argued that Smith deserved bond for turning himself in, but the judge called Smith a danger and gave him no bond.

State’s Attorney Kim Foxx also knew Myles.

“We can’t escape the ugliness that is the violence that is plaguing some of out streets,” Foxx said. “And I think for those of us who do this work everyday, it is a somber reminder of the gravity of the work that we have ahead of us.”

Police are still looking for the man who pulled the trigger and murdered the judge.

Friends are calling on the shooter to turn himself in, just like the driver did.

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