CHICAGO (CBS) — If someone told you they wrestled a lion and survived, you probably wouldn’t buy it, but Ted Papastefan has the video to prove it.

Papastefan, a grocery store manager in Chicago, recently was on vacation with his wife at an animal sanctuary in South Africa, when a 19-month-old lion named Napoleon charged at him.

Most of us would probably run, but Papastefan said he could tell Napoleon just wanted to play, so he ran towards the lion, and the two started wrestling.

Napoleon playfully pawed him, licked him, and chewed him. Papastefan did suffer a few bruises, scratches, and puncture wounds, but was not seriously hurt, and said he loved every minute of it.

Papastefan posted a video of his encounter on YouTube.

Sanctuary officials said the lion is not yet fully grown, so he hasn’t yet developed the aggressiveness of an adult male lion.

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