CHICAGO (CBS) — Some Illinois lawmakers think it’s time to legalize recreational marijuana use in Illinois.

North Side State Senator Heather Steans said she thinks it’s a good idea to legalize up to 28 grams of marijuana for personal use. That way, people don’t turn to potentially less safe suppliers instead.

“So now, you can make sure you’re getting safe products through a taxed and licensed business,” Steans said.

One key word there is “taxed,” as she believes this can be a new source of revenue for the cash-strapped state.

Supporters say legal recreational pot could generate as much as $700 million in extra money for Springfield.

North Side State Representative Kelly Cassidy also supports the bill and says she’s OK with taking the time necessary to consider it fully. Cassidy believes having several hearings on the bill and taking the time to see how other states have dealt with recreational marijuana will ease the concerns some have about the proposal.


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