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If you run a small business, there are certain upgrades that are simply a necessity and must be factored into the cost of doing business. While there is little you can do to control the costs of oil, gas and electricity, you can still take control over your energy expenses by managing your use. Here are a few tips that will help you save money on the energy used by your business.


1. Maximize savings with smart meter-enabled tools and programs.

Smart meter-enabled tools and programs can help you better monitor your business’s energy use. Smart meters automatically send energy-usage information to ComEd, as opposed to an analog meter that requires a monthly visit from a meter reader. You can access this information online and utilize smart meter-enabled tools and programs to better manage and save energy to create efficiencies in your business.


2. Keep air cooling and heating equipment running efficiently.

Change air conditioner and forced air heating system filters annually to keep them working at maximum efficiency. Be sure to keep air conditioner evaporator coils, condensers and coil fins free of dirt and dust. Cut back foliage growing around outdoor condensers. Additionally, using smart meter enabled tools, you can monitor how your heating and cooling needs affect your energy consumption and impact your bills.


3. Don’t ignore the water heater.

To prevent a buildup of sediment on water heater elements, which hampers the transfer of heat, drain a quart of water from your water heater once every three months.


4. Look in and behind the refrigerator.

Make a point of pulling the refrigerator in the break room away from the wall at least once a year so you can clean the coils. For freezers that are manually defrosted, do not allow a buildup of frost to exceed one-quarter of an inch. Visually inspect the seals around the doors to ensure cold air isn’t leaking.


5. Adjust the flame on gas appliances.

Check the flame on your gas appliances. They should be burning blue. Yellow flames mean you are using more fuel than necessary and an adjustment is needed. Contact a professional to perform this adjustment.


6. Break room appliances need attention.

The microwave, the toaster and the coffee maker continue to draw power even when switched off. You can eliminate this “vampire load” by plugging your small appliances into a power switch that may be shut off during non-office hours.


Want to learn more about how the smart meter helps the environment, and how smart meter-enabled tools and services can save money for your small business? Contact ComEd at 866-368-8326 or visit ComEd.com/BizSmartMeter.


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