By Dan Bernstein– senior columnist

(CBS) Football player has an unreported or undiagnosed concussion.

Yes, we know that — every week, across football from the NFL to high school fields. That’s just an aspect of the game of which we’re now completely aware. We can count them every Sunday, the number of times someone is slow to get up after a hit or exhibits some kind of reflexive neurological response that indicates brain injury, only to be right back out for the next play.

It’s front-page news for a couple days only because of star power. International supermodel appears to speak out of turn about internationally famous quarterback on one of the most polarizing teams in sports, and we all do the dance about it until the cycle moves on.

For all the high dudgeon over “proper” injury reporting by the Patriots or lack thereof, do you know whose injury list each week fails to mention players who hit their heads too hard in the last game?

Every single one of them, either because the player didn’t say anything or the team was conveniently classified it under the threshold of injury, where it remains just regular football.

Only because it’s the Patriots and Tom Brady and Giselle Bundschen does anybody even start to pretend to care.

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