CHICAGO (CBS) — A corner pharmacy that’s filled prescriptions Lincoln Square for more than 70 years has decided it’s time to get out of the business.

Alvin Klein owns Becker Pharmacy on Western near Lawrence, which has a long history.

“This location was established in 1943,” Klein said. “I bought the pharmacy in 1972 from the originator, who was Bernie Becker.”

Bernie Becker opened the first Becker Pharmacy in 1933.

Klein loves what he does and said he’s fought the good fight against the growing number of national chain pharmacies.

“Chain stores have become the neighborhood pharmacy. What has made us survive, so to speak, is the fact that we had service and delivery and personal contact with our customers,” he said.

But now with the possible entry of online players such as Amazon, Klein decided now might be the best time to call it a career.

Klein said he will miss the business and his customers, but the pharmacy business has moved on, and so will he.

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