By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) — Chicago’s West Chesterfield community is remembering one of its most prominent neighbors, who was gunned down earlier this month.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports on the memorial tribute to the late Judge Raymond Myles.

They’re tying ribbons around the trees outside the judge’s home.

Myles was murdered about two months ago on his back porch. A female friend of his was leaving his home when a robber took her bag than shot her in the leg. Hearing the commotion, Myles came to the door and was shot numerous times.

The community is credited with helping police catch the suspects. Just weeks before the murder, the West Chesterfield Community Association had installed a network of cameras that neighbors can watch on their cell phones and other electronic devices. Police viewed the video and arrested two men only three weeks after the crime.

The community is now increasing the number of cameras.

Neighbors are also keeping the judge’s memory alive by restoring his garden.

West Chesterfield is a relatively small community, just four square blocks and 1,000 homes.

Community leaders are reluctant to say how many cameras they have installed in the neighborhood. But they’re covering most alleys, corners and streets and helping residents feel a little bit safer.



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