CHICAGO (CBS) — South Side Pastor Tyrone Crider, who helped rally voters for Mayor Harold Washington, has died of cancer at the age of 58.

Tyrone Crider was the leader of a nationwide drive to register votes for Jesse Jackson when Jackson ran for president.

Reverend Jackson said he knew early on that Crider had “it” – the stuff – to rally people behind him.

Crider also worked on behalf of Mayor Harold Washington.

Years later, Crider served on the RTA board and resigned when it was disclosed that he failed to repay a state grant.

Reverend Jackson said that will not be what people remember about Crider.

“No, his memory will be as an activist and a leader involved in helping resolve violence conflicts. His preaching, his speaking on college campuses, inspiring youth, his voter registration, his feeding hungry people.

“Tyrone Crider never stopped serving. He’ll live as long as we remember them. We will never forget.”

Crider led Operation PUSH in the 1990s. He was the pastor at Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Morgan Park for 14 years.

Reverend Jackson remembers watching Tyrone Crider more than two decades ago.

“We had a major national march about hunger and jobs. And no one knew him much at that rally. But he was such a brilliant speaker. (It was) like, ‘Who is this guy? He has the it-factor. He has the stuff.’

“So people just embraced Tyrone all over the country.”

Reverend Jackson also remembers Crider’s basketball prowess and his friendship with Doc Rivers, now coach of the LA Clippers.

“He was very close to Doc Rivers. He (Crider) was a great basketball player. I would never tell him that to his face. We would always laugh about it. He was a great athlete.”

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