By Steve Miller

(CBS) — The principal of an Old Town elementary school — credited with turning that school around over the past few years — says he’s being forced to resign over a CPS residency requirement he says is unfair.

“I just feel violated. I feel like I’ve given everything I can give and received no acknowledgment for it,” Derrick Orr tells WBBM’s Steve Miller.

The Manierre Elementary School principal says the Chicago Public Schools system has told him he has violated a residency rule, which could cause him to be terminated.

Orr is in real estate.  He flips houses.  And he acknowledges he spends more time at a suburban house than at his Chicago property.

“I was hoping they would something like, ‘OK, you need to be here more than there,’” Orr says.

principal Turnaround Principal Says He Could Be Fired Over CPS Residency Rule

Manierre School Principal Derrick Orr (Facebook/Pepsico Showdown)

CPS did not say that to him, and he says that’s a shame.

“We’re doing great things at my school,” he says.

Orr has been known to spend his own money to help students who may be college-bound.

WBBM has asked CPS for comment.

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