CHICAGO (CBS) — There was an unusual sight on the South Side Friday morning – part of a brick house collapsed on 87th and Michigan Avenue in the West Chesterfield neighborhood.

Fire Department Battalion Chief Dan Mullaney said no one was home when the back wall of a two-story brick building came down around 9:30 a.m. Monday morning.

It happened in the 8700 block of South Michigan Avenue.

According to Chief Mullaney, “There’s a single woman that lives here and she was seen going to work this morning.”

The house has siding in the front, but Chief Mullaney said it’s still a brick and block house which made him wonder why the whole wall would collapse.

“You’d think the veneer of the brick would fall off, but not all the block and everything. Something was altered here to make this thing fall,” he said.

Chief Mullaney said the city’s Building Department will investigate and determine what happens next to the house.

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