(CBS) — Two men were stabbed Tuesday evening at Chicago’s North Avenue Beach during a fight, police said.

The incident occurred around 6:30 p.m. in the 1600 block of North Shore Drive. 

First Deputy Police Superintendent Kevin Navarro said this was a fight between two men, not two groups. One man pulled a knife; the other used a broken beer bottle.

Eyewitness accounts appear to agree to the extent that Zion Navas said no crowd gathered and said there was no warning of what would happen.

“There was no yelling, nothing whatsoever,” he said. “It just kind of happened.”

It was over within moments. Police officers on bicycles and all-terrain vehicles converged, along with officers in uniform and undercover. They broke up the fight, called paramedics and placed both men under arrest.

One victim is a 25-year-old male who sustained a laceration to the chest. The second individual was a 35-year-old, who had a stab wound to the face, knee and wrist, Chicago police said.

Both were taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the Chicago Fire Department said.

Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford said both men sustained multiple stab wounds.

The fight stemmed from a domestic-related issue, police said.

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