CHICAGO (CBS) — The Illinois Department of Natural Resources says someone has been disfiguring rabbits in the Lincoln Square neighborhood.

Call it disfiguring, mutilation — somebody has attached items such as key fobs to the ears of at least two wild rabbits in Lincoln Square, says Edward Cross, spokesman for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

“Our officer went to that area and found the one there. But the person that made the complaint said that they’ve seen maybe a second bunny with something else in its ear,” Cross said.


The initial complaint was filed on June 9, and Cross says conservation officers have been investigating ever since.

He added that it is illegal to make a pet out of wildlife in Illinois.

It wasn’t immediately clear what law this kind of activity breaks.

But at this point, Cross says, the state wants people to give the Department of Natural Resources a call if they have any information on who’s doing this.

Tip line to the conservation police: 1-877-236- 7529.

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