CHICAGO (CBS) — A judge denied bail for 19-year-old Raekwon Hudson, who’s charged with four felonies including two counts of attempted first degree murder.

His family did not speak out as they walked out of Sunday’s hearing, but crisis responder Andrew Holmes talked to Hudson’s family.

“She wasn’t the type of mother that said this wasn’t my child, my child didn’t do this,” Holmes said. “She just wanted some answers and, at the same time, was very saddened by what happened.”

The shooting happened Friday afternoon outside of Warren Elementary School. Students were at a picnic to celebrate the end of the year when someone in a dark colored Jeep fired shots in their direction. 7-year-old Jayla Wright was shot in the thigh and 17-year-old Dakayla Hart was shot in the hand.

Both were released later Friday from Comer Children’s Hospital.

“Witness positively identified this defendant, Hudson, as being the front seat passenger, who just prior to the shooting was flashing gang signs out of the window towards the three intended targets,” said state’s attorney Andrew Yassan.

Two boys, 16 and 17-year olds, were also charged.

Investigators say the shots were fired from a back passenger seat and, because of that, the judge said more children could have been injured. Therefore, she ordered no bail because Hudson is a danger to society.

Hudson and the two other co-defendants are scheduled to be back in court Monday.

Hudson’s attorney insists he was not in the Jeep at the time of the shooting. However, detectives say Hudson has the key to the Jeep, which was reported stolen.

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