CHICAGO (CBS) — A coalition of community groups is joining the voices calling for a court-appointed monitor to oversee the Emanuel Administration’s efforts to reform the policies and practices of the Chicago Police Department.

Mayor Emanuel wants a memorandum of understanding worked out with the federal Department of Justice, and said an independent monitor would then oversee police reform. But, Mecole Jordan, coordinator for the Grassroots Alliance for police accountability said that’s not good enough for community residents. WBBM’s Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports.

“Without an outside entity, a federal judge to make sure reforms that they are saying they are going to do, without an outside force to help make sure it will be done correctly…and it really doesn’t matter.”

She said community groups she represents do not trust that it will be done properly.

Mayor Emanuel said he knows trust is an issue. He said other cities have been able to reform their police departments without court-enforced consent decrees, and Chicago can and will do it as well.

But, the Mayor, when questioned, did not rule out getting the courts involved.

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